Technology has proven to be very beneficial for us, no one can deny it. Computers, Mobile Phones and the Internet are all the achievements of technology, and it is known to everyone that these kinds of technologies have made our life much easier at the present time.

Smartphones are one of our needs in the current time and now it has become a part of our lives. Technology is a blessing for us, but it also a curse to us. We see the benefits of Mobile Phones, but there is often debate about their losses. With the help of Mobile Phones, we can connect with people from all over the world and also get information and news about what is going on in the country and around the world. To be updated nowadays, it is very important to have a Mobile Phone.

In fact, here we are talking about Mobile Phones means Smartphones, which are currently being used by millions of people and the number of users is increasing even faster.

The increasing use of Mobile Phones has become a matter of concern, and the biggest reason for the concern is the radio frequency waves emanating from Mobile Phones. This radio frequency is a kind of electromagnetic radiation.
The radio frequency waves emitted from the Mobile Phone is called electromagnetic radiation, its frequency is very low, and this is why it is classified as non-ionizing radiation.

What is Non-ionizing Radiation?

Non-ionizing radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation with very low radio frequency and with a large wavelength. There is not enough capacity in non-ionizing radiation to remove the electron completely from an atom or molecule. 
Whether or not our health gets harmed by non-ionizing radiation is a topic of discussion.
But it is absolutely certain that non-ionizing radiation does not have enough capacity to dissolve DNA molecules, nor does the ability to break any kind of chemical bonds.
But if we talk about the health effects of non-ionizing radiation, exposure to non-ionizing radiation with high energy for a long time can generate heat in the body tissue, this can lead to other skin problems.
Non-ionizing radiation is not considered to be harmful, there have been considerable studies and research on it. But till now it has not been considered as harmful to health as ion radiation is believed that due to its exposure, DNA molecules dissolve and cause mutation, which is one of the main causes of cancer.
Non-ionizing radiation is still considered safe, but it is also safe only to a limit.

Is Mobile Radiation Risk for Our Health?

At present, it has become a matter of debate whether radiation emanating from Mobile Phones could be harmful to our health or not?
However, as we have already mentioned, radiation emitted from a mobile phone is non-ionizing radiation, which only has the capacity to generate heat if its intensity is greater and it is exposed for longer periods of time.
There have been several studies on this topic and many pieces of research are still going on, but no strong evidence has been found yet, that on the basis of the evidence non-ionizing radiation can be considered harmful or safe. The results of studies and research are mixed and that's why it cannot be decided that the non-ionizing radiation is harmful or safe.
Some studies suggest that non-ionizing radiation does not cause harm the health and it is safe, but there are also some studies that suggest it is harmful to health.
What should we do now?
Mobile radiation is harmful or safe for our health, so far it is not known, so it would be better if we take precautionary measures.
Here we are going to tell you 5 great tips that will help you to reduce mobile radiation exposure, as well as avoid the risk of health effects due to radiation exposure.

5 Best Tips to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation Exposure

1. Use Headset/Earphone or Speaker Mode During Call
During the call, the mobile phone should be kept away from the body, because during the call the mobile phone communicates with the antenna tower through the radio frequency waves, and due to this the radiation emits in greater amounts during this period. 
And if you keep your mobile phone near your head during this time, then you are putting yourself at risk.

2. Prefer to Text Instead of Calling

Texting can be better than calling when you need any conversation with someone, it would be better if you do it through text.
Texting can reduce the risk of radiation because your Mobile Phone does not need to communicate with the antenna towers for a long time. And you do not have to keep your Mobile Phone near to your head while you are texting.

3. Keep Mobile Phones Away From The Body When You Are Downloading/Uploading And Streaming

The way Mobile Phone needs to be communicated with antenna towers during calls, similarly when we turn on 3G or 4G data in our Mobile Phone, our Mobile Phone communicates with the antenna towers and during this time our Mobile Phone emits high volume radiation. And when we download or upload files from the Internet by running Internet data or stream video, our Mobile Phone emits a huge amount of radio frequency waves to download files from the Internet and to stream the video.

4. Avoid Calling in Weak Signal

When the signal is weak, the mobile phone emits excessive radio frequency waves to maintain a connection with the antenna tower. Therefore, we should not make a call when the signal is weak. Not only should the calls be avoided, but if the signal is low, then the Internet should not be used too.

5. Do Not Sleep With a Mobile Phone in Bed

We have to keep this in mind that we should use the Mobile Phone only when we need it and consider using it as little as possible. Therefore, we should never sleep with our Mobile Phone in our bed anytime. Remember that as long as the Mobile Phone is in contact with our body, the more we will be at risk of radiation. Therefore, while going to sleep, either mobile should be kept separate from your bed or mobile phone should be switched off.

These were some tips that can protect us from mobile radiation. Although the studies have not yet been clearly identified whether mobile radiation harms our health or not, as a precaution, we should avoid it and that is why we have told you these tips so that you can reduce mobile radiation exposure.