What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app. Like WhatsApp, you get many features in this too. Using Telegram, you can chat online with your friends and family members, like you do in WhatsApp.  Apart from this, you get the feature of voice call and video call in the same way as WhatsApp. Telegram Client Apps are available for platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, MacOS and Linux.
Unlike WhatsApp, in Telegram to chat with Telegram user, the user's phone number is not required to save in your mobile phone, but every Telegram user has a username through which you can chat or contact with it. The best thing about Telegram is that the user can send unlimited media and files to each other and share it in the group as well. Apart from this, Telegram does not have any limitation of file size, you can send as much as large files as you want. There are some special features in Telegram that distinguish Telegram from other messaging apps.

What is Special in Telegram?

On one side where the file size does not matter in Telegram, Telegram users can send & share media and files, to other Telegram users, groups or channel without any limits on their types and size. As you know that Telegram is a cloud-based app, so there is no need for any disk space in Telegram user's device, all the chat history data will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud far as long as it is needed.
If telegram has some of the best features, which attracts users, then it is Group Features. After all, what is so special in Telegram's groups that everyone likes it? We would like to tell you that Telegram's group feature is one of its main features.
Two types of groups can be made in Telegram:

Basic group


Basic Group can have up to 200 members, in this group by default any member can add other people, and change the name of the group, and the profile photo of the group. But the good thing is that the Basic Group can be upgraded into Supergroup.

Supergroups can have up to 200,000 members, they are optimized to host large online communities and will load quickly, even if you‘ve missed many messages while away.
A Supergroup can be made a public group, If you want a friendlier-looking link, supergroups can become public and get a short link, like t.me/publictestgroup. This way, anybody can view the group's entire chat history and join to post messages.
This is why people like to use Telegram because any Telegram user joins a large online community by joining the public group of Telegram.
Public groups of Telegram itself are the biggest feature of Telegram and for this reason people like Telegram. Although the Telegram is not as popular as Whatsapp, the number of Telegram users is also increasing, and in today's time, telegram has 200 million active users.
Most new telegram users want to join the Public Groups of Telegram, but they can not easily get the links of such groups.
So such users try to find out groups links around, but they do not get groups links of which they can join the groups and connect with a large online community.
But here we are sharing links from many of the groups with whom you can join many popular groups of Telegram, along with that you can join a lot of groups from these groups links.

Telegram Groups Links

English Chat

Funny & Comedy

Education & Study


Adult 18+

Forex, Digital Marketing & Promotions

Likes, Comments, Followers & Subscribers







Note: We would like to clarify that none of the group's links we have shared here are being operated or controlled by us. Therefore, there will be Admins, Owners, and Members of that group responsible for all activities occurring in any group.