When we apply online for voter registration, and if our application is submitted, then we get a reference ID so that we can track our application. If our application is accepted then our Voter ID card is sent to us. But how do we know if our application has been accepted or not? For this, we have to track the status of our Voter ID card, which gives us the status of our Voter ID card. We apply for voter registration so that our name is included in the electoral roll and we get the Voter ID card.
After applying for Voter ID and voter registration our application passes through a long process, and this process takes some time, in this case, we should keep checking the status of our application periodically. By checking the status check, we will know which process is going through our application.

If you want to know about online voter registration, then read our post.

If you have applied for voter registration, then how can you know the status of your application? In this post, we are going to explain you this. It is very easy to check the status of Voter ID online. First of all, you have to visit the National Voters Services Portal (NVSP) website.
After that, when you scroll down, you will see the option of the 'Track application status' and you have to click on this option. 

After clicking on the 'Application Status', a new tab will open, after which you have to enter your reference ID and click on the 'Track Status'

After clicking on the 'Track Status', you will be shown the status of your Voter ID card.

So in this way, we can know the status of our Voter ID Card online and know the status of our application for voter registration.