Google is the largest search engine on the internet, so whenever anyone wants any kind of information or data from the Internet, then they search for it on Google. It is not that people do not use any other search engine other than Google to search for anything on the Internet, but most people use Google to search for anything on the Internet. So Google has become the most popular and most used search engine.

We all know that in order to search something from Google, we have to enter the same words into Google as we need information, data or content.
For example, if we want to get information about "How to Delete Google Search History", for this, we will search on Google by entering the words 'How to Delete Google History'. The words we use to search any kind of information, data or content by typing on the Google search tab are called keywords.

To get any kind of information from Google, we search for the information by entering keywords in the Google search tab. And we know that the number of keywords we enter in the Google Search tab are saved in our web browser as search history. And this kind of search history is also known as Google Search History. Sometimes we do not want Google Search History to be saved in our web browser, so we have to delete Google Search History for this. The biggest reason for deleting Google Search History is that no one can know what searches have been done on Google in our phone's web browser. And that's why we have to delete Google Search History from our phone's web browser.
So in this post, I will tell you 'how you can delete Google Search History' from your browser.
If you want to delete Google Search History from your web browser using a mobile phone, then follow these steps.

   Step 1:   First of all, you have to visit Google's My Activity page. After that, you will have to log in to your Google Account if you have not logged into your Google Account. After logging into your Google Account, you need to tap the three lines given at the top on your left side. Tapping on three lines, you will find some menus here, you will get the option of "Delete activity by", you have to tap on this option.

   Step 2:   After taping "Delete activity by", you will have to select a date and after selecting the date you have to select the products.

   Step 3:   After selecting a date, you have to select the "Search" in the products and for that, you have to scroll down, then you will get the "Search" option which you have to select.

   Step 4:   After selecting the date and the product, you have to tap on the "Delete". After taping the "Delete", a dialogue box will be prompted. So if you want, you can read the message given in this dialogue box. Then you have to scroll down and if you scroll down, you will get the "Delete" option, so you have to tap on the "Delete".

As soon as you tap on the "Delete", Google Search History will be deleted from your web browser. So in this way, we can delete Google Search History from our web browser.

Hopefully, this post will prove to be helpful for you, but if you have any problem then you can write about your problem in the comment box.