Many times we unwittingly or deliberately delete some Photos/Images from our Mobile Phone, and later regret it and want to get those Photos/Images back. And we know that once a file is deleted from our Mobile Phone, it can not be back in our phone again. That's why we think that once a Photo/Image has been deleted from our phone, then we will not get it again. Since there is no recycle bin on the Mobile Phone, from where we can Restore/Recover the deleted Photos/Images. So it becomes more or less impossible for us to Restore/Recover deleted Photos/Images from Mobile Phones in such a way.

But you will be glad to know that there are some tools that will help you to get back the deleted Photos/Images from your Mobile Phone. You will find it from Google Play Store as tools apps. In the Google Play store, you will find many such apps that are presumed to Recover/Restore deleted Photos/Images from your Mobile Phone. But most of them work on rooted Mobile Phones or they only scan the Mobile Phone's internal memory. But we will tell you about an app that works on unrooted Mobile Phones and which scans both internal and external storage.
Remember that we're just talking about the Android operating system here. You do not need to root your Mobile Phone to use this app, it also works on unrooted Mobile Phones.
Using this app you can Recover/Restore any type of deleted images, any images can be restored/recovered with this app, whether it is a JPG file or JPEG, PNG or any other type of images.
The name of this app is 'DigDeep', you can install it from your Google Play Store on your Mobile Phone.
To Restore/Recover the deleted Photos/Images from your mobile, first, you have to install the DigDeep App on your phone. After the app is installed, you have to follow these steps, after which you can get back deleted Photos/Images from your Mobile Phone again.

 Step 1:  First of all, open the DigDeep App, as soon as this app will open, it will start restoring deleted Photos. This app will take some time for loading so you have to wait a little longer. After the completion of loading, the deleted Photos will be recovered/restored. As you can see in the picture below, all recovered/restored Photos will be in different folders. You can now open any of these folders by tapping on it, and you can find deleted Photos/Images in these folders.

 Step 2:  After you open the folder, you have to select the deleted Photos/Images to be restored. You have to select each of those Photos one by one which you want to Restore. After selecting Photos, you have to tap on the 'Restore' option given at the bottom right. After you tap on the Restore, all the deleted Photos/Images that you have selected will be saved again on your Mobile Phone.

Congratulations! you have successfully restored/recovered deleted Photos/Images from your mobile. So in this way, we can get back deleted Photos from our Mobile Phones, and save those Photos on our Mobile Phones.
So if you want to retrieve deleted Photos from your Mobile Phone, you can easily Restore/Recover the deleted Photos/Images from your Mobile Phone by adopting this method.